Historian of Capitalism and Disney

Ph.D. Candidate at Cornell University

“In 1965, one decade after Disneyland opened, Walt Disney Productions consolidated ownership of Walt’s first theme park. The animation and film company’s acquisition marked the beginning of a new cornerstone of business—The Disney Parks and Resorts.”

Ch. 3: “Project Mickey” from Divestment to Disneyland

Ph.D. Candidate at Cornell University

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Walt’s Fairyland Project

Ch. 3: “Project Mickey” from Divestment to Disneyland J. Begakis In the summer of 1954, Walt Disney met with the Orange County League of Cities to tour his new Anaheim property. Explaining to local officials that while the men of WED Enterprises were busy drafting construction plans, Walt was eager to begin building what Southern […]

Consolidating Walt Disney

Ch. 4: “Project Mineral King” – From Consolidation to Failure J. Begakis In 1958, Walt Disney Productions (WDP) began a seven-year corporate consolidation of Disneyland. Between 1958 and 1965, the publicly traded animation and film company acquired and then purchased Walt Disney’s two startup companies, Disneyland Inc., and WED Imagineering. When Disneyland opened in 1955, […]

Publicly Walt Disney

Ch. 3: “Project Mickey” from Divestment to Disneyland J. Begakis Before Disneyland, Walt Disney tried and failed at a similar, albeit less risky, investment than a owned and operated theme park.[1] In 1938, one year after the successful premiere of Walt Disney Productions (WDP) full-length animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Disney […]

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